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This feature is enabled on your account by default which means that you cannot refund a payment within 7 days of it being submitted. This period gives added protection against refunding unsettled payments such as late failures and chargebacks. If we were to disable this feature you would need to understand the risk of refunding payments during this timeframe.

As refunds are not processed through the Direct Debit scheme, customers are still able to charge back these funds if they were to file an indemnity claim with their bank.

If, following our review, we enable refunds on your GoCardless account, please note that you can only refund payments if you have sufficient balance in the currency you intend to refund. This balance consists of payments we have collected on your behalf but have not yet disbursed. These payments are categorised as "Confirmed" and can be viewed in the Payments section by filtering the status to display only "Confirmed" transactions. If you do not have enough available balance, you have two options. Firstly, you can wait for funds to become available from future collections. In this case, we can temporarily pause your payouts to allow the funds to accumulate. Please request this if needed. Alternatively, you can process the refunds outside of the GoCardless system.

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